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Here’s where you can browse all the published Japangrams. Each month’s features will appear in this archive at the beginning of the month, as soon as the next Japanagram is out.

Click on the monthly photo to browse the contents of that issue, or click on the links below to go straight to each feature

Beyond Tokyo: Kamakura Matsuri igloo festivalJapanese Home Cooking: Tasty Ginger PorkSeasonal Secret: Weird ChocolateWhy, Japan, Why?: Why the most interesting thing you eat in Japan might be spaghettiBook Review & Giveaway: Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

Beyond Tokyo: Firewalking at Mt. TakaoJapanese Home Cooking: Savory Japanese Beef & Vegetables + Curry RiceSeasonal Secret: Nine Great (Secret) Cherry Blossom Spots in TokyoWhy, Japan, Why?: Why Oreos are more Japanese than sumo wrestlers in JapanBook Review: Ghosts of the Tsunami by Richard Lloyd Parry

Beyond Tokyo: Koi Nobori at TatebayashiJapanese Home Cooking: Creamy Sesame NoodlesSeasonal Secret: The Other Season that Blooms in the SpringWhy, Japan, Why?: Why you should be careful what you wish forBook Review & Giveaway: Newcomer by Keigo Higashino

Beyond Tokyo: Koya-san Seasonal Secret: Six things you didn’t expect to discover on a pilgrimage Book Review: Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye by Marie Mutsuki Mockett • Japanese Home Cooking: Yakitori Chicken Mini-Burgers

Beyond Tokyo: Bunny Island Seasonal Secret: Keep cool in the summer, the Japanese way Book Review: The Essential Haiku, edited by Robert Hass • Japanese Home Cooking: Japanese Chicken Salad with Tangy Soy-Lemon DressingWhy, Japan, Why?: How did Japan escape a severe COVID pandemic without lockdowns or mass testing?

Beyond Tokyo: Gyoda Ancient Lotus Park • Seasonal Secret: Souvenirs NOT to buy in July Book Review: Shinjū by Laura Joh Rowland • Japanese Home Cooking: Sweet & Salty Miso Grilling SauceWhy, Japan, Why?: Why did NHK try to Japansplain the global anti-racism protests with this excruciatingly embarrassing video?

Beyond Tokyo: Shiraito-no-taki FallsBook Reviews: CLIMB and Claws of the Cat by Susan Spann • Japanese Home Cooking: Brown Sugar Dessert SauceWhy, Japan, Why?: How Japan has perfected the honorable art of eating alone

Beyond Tokyo: Shigaraki Tanuki TownJapanese Home Cooking: Japanese Rice Bowl with Miso SalmonWhy, Japan, Why?: Strange Japanese beauty goals • Seasonal Secret: Three modest September flowers that are spectacular in numbersBook Giveaway: It Was You

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