Japan Swag Giveaway

Attack Cat gashapon
This month’s is a set of six gashapon Attack Cats!

Say hello to an all-new Japanagram feature—the Japan Swag Giveaway!

Examples of future giveaway swag categories: drunken pet gasaphon, sushi origami kit, fox wedding gashapon, new year's shimenawa

From hilarious capsule toys to New Year’s decorations, I’ve collected a vast trove of treasures you can’t buy outside Japan, and instead of giving away a book this month, I’ve decided it’s time to share the wealth.

The Sep-Oct 2022 giveaway: Attack Cats!

Photo of Attack Cats gachapon protecting cupcake in refrigerator

Once you own a set of Attack Cats, you won’t know how you lived without them! I deploy mine whenever there’s a resource that needs guarding, with style.

On the last day of October, I’ll randomly pick one lucky Japanagram subscriber to get these six sold-out, limited edition, Japanese capsule toys. Be sure to check the Nov-Dec Japanagram to see if you won! All Japanagram email subscribers* who are signed up before October 31, 2022 are automatically entered.

Attack Cat gashopon in their original capsules
They come with their original packaging and documentation

*For legal reasons, you need to be a subscriber of the Japanagram issue that arrives on the first of the month all at once—not a blog follower who gets emailed notifications of the individual features as they’re published—in order to win. If you’re not signed up yet and you’d like to be, click here

If you have a friend who would love a chance to win these beauties, send them this link and tell them to be sure to subscribe before October 31. It’s free!

How I pick the winners: On the last day of each month, I load all the email addresses of Japanagram subscribers into a random name picker on the Web and ask it to choose a subscriber. Then I publish their email in the next Japanagram (obscured in a way so only the subscriber will be able to recognize it as their own, of course) along with instructions for how to contact me to get your swag.

Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Japan, and blogs at Only In Japan and The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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