A special edition of Japanagram to celebrate the publication of The Last Tea Bowl Thief!

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Why, Japan, Why?: Why is it so much harder to get a Japanese boyfriend than a Japanese girlfriend?

Illustration of western man with many Japanese girlfriends

The American character in The Last Tea Bowl Thief has had a longer relationship with her goldfish than with any man since she arrived, and I think the reason might surprise you…read more

Beyond Tokyo: The convent with a thousand-year-old secret

Jizo figure at Jakko-in

Come with me to Jakko-in, the venerable convent that appears in The Last Tea Bowl Thief, and pull up your chair to hear the most amazing true story I’ve ever come across in my travels through Japan…read more

Japanese Home Cooking: Savory Sesame-Miso Hotpot

Japanese miso-sesame nabe hotpot

The Japanese tradition of cooking fresh ingredients at the table in a clay pot is extra-magical. I make this hotpot whenever I invite people who don’t know each other very well to dinner, because cooking together somehow always leads to great conversations and lasting friendships…read more

Book Review: The Last Tea Bowl Thief

Cover of The Last Tea Bowl Thief by Jonelle Patrick

This is the story of a tea bowl that passes from one fortune-seeker to the next for three hundred years. It’s also the story of two women—one American, one Japanese—whose futures depend on finding it. But neither can get her hands on it without the other’s help…read more

The Last Tea Bowl Thief is an Editor’s Pick for Best Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense on Amazon!

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Jonelle Patrick writes mystery novels set in Tokyo, and blogs at Only In Japan and The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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