How to live forever, Japan style 

You know those “artist names” that get passed down from one generation to the next in Japan? I always assumed those were about art. That the passing of the torch from one generation to the next was about choosing the most gifted artist of the next generation to take their predecessor’s place at the topContinue reading “How to live forever, Japan style “

Let’s play Jeopardy!

For your New Year’s entertainment: An original round of Japan-flavored JEOPARDY Hello friends, it’s me, your virtual Japan Jeopardy host! Looking for a little fresh amusement? Throughout this long, long, LONG pandemic, I’ve discovered (quite to my surprise) that online trivia is one of the most satisfying entertainments around (not to mention it’s something toContinue reading “Let’s play Jeopardy!”

One stop shopping DECEMBER 2020

Here are books to delight everyone on your list There’s no better escape than reading, and bookstores are the departure gates of 2020 Books are the perfect gift, because they can instantly transport us to other places and times, even when we can’t travel there in person. I’m donning my author hat for a moment,Continue reading “One stop shopping DECEMBER 2020”


A special edition of Japanagram to celebrate the publication of The Last Tea Bowl Thief! Click on photo or link to read the feature Why, Japan, Why?: Why is it so much harder to get a Japanese boyfriend than a Japanese girlfriend? The American character in The Last Tea Bowl Thief has had a longer relationship withContinue reading “SPECIAL EDITION”

Book News

Entertaining stuff you may have missed because you have a life Guest blog, podcast & video roundup If you’re already suffering from Too Much Jonelle, run! Save yourself! But I don’t often blog or newsletter about the how-to and craft of writing, or the stories behind the books, so if the links below look entertainingContinue reading “Book News”

The Last Tea Bowl Thief

By Jonelle Patrick It would obviously be a little weird for me to review my own book, so instead I’m going to point you over to Tokyo Authority, which beat the other reviews out of the gate because October 20th came a day earlier in Japan than in America! Click here to read what theyContinue reading “The Last Tea Bowl Thief”

A special gift for Japanagram subscribers

If you pre-order a copy of The Last Tea Bowl Thief, I’ll send you a signed bookplate for the front! These cream-colored bookplates are printed on archival paper, and feature one of the illustrations from the front of The Last Tea Bowl Thief. You can only get them from me, but it’s easy, if you’reContinue reading “A special gift for Japanagram subscribers”