Let’s play Jeopardy!

For your New Year’s entertainment: An original round of Japan-flavored JEOPARDY

Author Jonelle Patrick in card-themed kimono

Hello friends, it’s me, your virtual Japan Jeopardy host!

Looking for a little fresh amusement? Throughout this long, long, LONG pandemic, I’ve discovered (quite to my surprise) that online trivia is one of the most satisfying entertainments around (not to mention it’s something to talk about at the dinner table, when all I’ve seen for days is the four walls of my writing cave!)

These questions will be easier if you’ve read The Last Tea Bowl Thief, but they’re all diabolically guessable. There are enough clues in each question that you can give them a pretty decent shot, even if you haven’t read or finished the book.

The Last Tea Bowl Thief Jeopardy board

You can play this in person with your sweats ‘n slippers pandemic pod, of course, but it’s designed to work really well online too — here’s how to play this game with all your besties on Zoom (including the drinking game version!)

And if you’re new to the Zoom hosting game, easy step-by-step directions for how to Zoom (how to set it up, send invites, then host it when the time comes).


This Jeopardy game is also super fun for book clubs. Whether you choose The Last Tea Bowl Thief for your regular book club’s monthly read or host a pop-up book zoom for just your friends, there are discussion-sparking questions and more fun activities on the website here.

The Last Tea Bowl Thief was chosen as an Editor’s Pick for Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense on Amazon

“While The Last Tea Bowl Thief provides an intimate, in-depth exposé of the country’s artistic and emotional life, it never forgets to divert the reader.” —Historical Novel Society

For three hundred years, a missing tea bowl passes from one fortune-seeker to the next, changing the lives of all who possess it…read more

Jonelle Patrick writes mystery novels set in Tokyo, and blogs at Only In Japan and The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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