MAR-APR 2023

Japangram cover, Mar-Apr 2023

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Seasonal Secret: Hacking cherry blossom season: How to beat peak pricing and crowds, while still enjoying maximum pinkness

Cherry blossoms along the Chofu River

You go to Japan for cherry blossom season expecting it’ll be all picnics under the spreading boughs of pinkness, but even if you manage to book tickets that catch the blooms at their peak (along with the thirty million others who also also guessed right), you’re likely to pay the kind of peak pricing that makes even the most gorgeous displays seem not quite worth it. But people who live here have ways of getting around all that, and here’s how they do it!…read more

The Thing I Learned Today: If we’re going to give up cars, we’re going to need more hand towels

Warm hand towel at Japanese restaurant

Five unexpected things that that explain why 21 million people happily use the train instead of their cars every day in Tokyo…read more

Beyond Tokyo: Let’s hike through a wild cherry blossom forest!

Cherry trees in bloom at Hanamiyama Park

Let’s escape the elbowing cameramen, blossom-hogging selfie-snappers and crowded parks of Tokyo and head up to Tohoku, where kilometers upon kilometers of wild cherry blossoms line the hiking trails at Hanamiyama. “Cherry Blossom Mountain” is a vast private park planted with so many flowering trees that every vista is painted in a patchwork of…read more

Japanese Home Cooking recipe:
Spring Vegetable Salad with Creamy Sesame Dressing

Spring vegetable salad with creamy sesame dressing

Dress up a bouquet of colorful spring vegetables in this decadently creamy dressing that’s made without cream! The surprise ingredient is silken tofu, so not only will your loved ones be begging for second helpings of vegetables, they’ll get all the enjoyment of cream without the dairy….read more

Mar-Apr 2023 Book Review & Giveaway:
Dead-end Memories by Banana Yoshimoto

Cover of Dead-end Memories by Banana Yoshimoto Yoshimoto puts her characters into scenarios we are all familiar with and lulls us into suspending our disbelief by getting inside the character’s head, so we see it through their Japanese eyes. In this collection of short stories, she gets us past our own cultural assumptions, so we can…read more

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