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Tasty Simmered Ginger Pork

This Japanese winter favorite (called shōga-yaki in Japan) is fast, easy, and will make your kitchen smell delicious while you’re cooking! It’s utterly foolproof, and uses only a few ingredients that are easy to get anywhere…read more

Thousands of candle-lit igloos turn this village into a winter fairyland

February’s destination is the castle town of Yokote, in the northiest north of Akita prefecture. For two days every year, the town’s children offer toasted rice cakes and sweet sake to visitors inside tiny igloos…read more

Weird Chocolate

When Japan embraces Western holidays, things can go a bit…sideways. And the biggest example of Getting It Wrong is nearly upon us: Valentine’s Day. Why? Because only MEN get chocolate!* That’s right. For Japanese women…read more

Why the most interesting food you’ll eat in Japan might be…spaghetti

Every “Italian” restaurant in Tokyo offers pasta pomodoro and pizza margherita that’s replicated to painfully perfect standards of authenticity, but they also serve spaghetti with a very different “red sauce”…read more

Book Review: Convenience Store Woman

This is the story of middle-aged Keiko Furakura, who has worked in a convenience store all of her adult life, and finally dares to seek a future beyond her comfortable daily routine. If this were a Western novel…read more

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Jonelle Patrick writes mystery novels set in Tokyo, and blogs at Only In Japan and The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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