JAN-FEB 2023

Click on photo or link to read the feature • Seasonal Secret: Feast your eyes on these Japanese New Year’s decorations From December 28 to January 7, Japanese new year decorations hang on every door, beckoning in good luck and prosperity for the coming year…read more • The Thing I Learned Today: Why do JapaneseContinue reading “JAN-FEB 2023”


Click on photo or link to read the feature Beyond Tokyo: 40,000 dolls dressed in Imperial court robes? Yes, please! Every year, the town of Katsuura puts on a Girls’ Day Doll Festival to end all doll festivals. Nearly 40,000 magnificently attired hina-samasuddenly appear all over town, in displays that are truly jaw-dropping…read more • SeasonalContinue reading “FEBRUARY 2021”


Click on photo to read the feature Tasty Simmered Ginger Pork This Japanese winter favorite (called shōga-yaki in Japan) is fast, easy, and will make your kitchen smell delicious while you’re cooking! It’s utterly foolproof, and uses only a few ingredients that are easy to get anywhere…read more • Thousands of candle-lit igloos turn this village intoContinue reading “FEBRUARY 2020”