Click on photo or link to read the feature Beyond Tokyo: 40,000 dolls dressed in Imperial court robes? Yes, please! Every year, the town of Katsuura puts on a Girls’ Day Doll Festival to end all doll festivals. Nearly 40,000 magnificently attired hina-samasuddenly appear all over town, in displays that are truly jaw-dropping…read more • SeasonalContinue reading “FEBRUARY 2021”


Click on photo to read the feature Tasty Simmered Ginger Pork This Japanese winter favorite (called shōga-yaki in Japan) is fast, easy, and will make your kitchen smell delicious while you’re cooking! It’s utterly foolproof, and uses only a few ingredients that are easy to get anywhere…read more • Thousands of candle-lit igloos turn this village intoContinue reading “FEBRUARY 2020”