JUL-AUG 2021

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The most delightful summer festival in all of Japan is all about…goldfish!

Goldfish balloon from Edogawa Goldfish Festival

There’s nothing more traditional than ogling insanely fancy (and expensive!) goldfish and, of course, catching your own…read more

Let’s meander through a park with twenty-three thatch-roofed farmhouses

Thatch0roofed farmhouses at the Nihon Minka-en

The Nihon Minka-en Folk House Garden is a jewel of a walk, featuring houses that are thatched in the time-honored way and built without nails. These beauties were brought from all over Japan, and they’re not just fun to look at—you can go inside…read more

Green Salad with Japanese Pickled Onions and Wafu Onion Dressing

Green Salad with Japanese Pickled Onions and Wafu Onion Dressing

You know There’s nothing more summery than a green salad made with crunchy pickled onions and flavored by a tangy Japanese onion dressing. Add chicken or grilled shrimp for a perfect summer meal…read more

How to read a haiku poem

Woodblock print of women and girls viewing moon

Here are three things that will triple your reading pleasure…read more

The Pillow Book by Sei Shōnagon

Cover of The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon

This collection of jottings on Hateful Things, Things Which Makes One’s Heart Beat Faster, Splendid Things, Things That Gain By Being Painted, Things Which Should Be Large, Oxen Should Have Very Small Foreheads, and much, much more is as amusing now as when it was…read more

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