NOV-DEC 2022

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Seasonal Secret: Design Festa: Your one-stop shop for predatory purses, zombie nesting dolls & more

Red purse with grinning vampire teeth

Twice a year, Design Festa takes over the Big Site convention center in Odiaba, and artists selling everything from zombie matroyshika to predatory purses gather to outdo each other…read more

The Thing I Learned Today: Why are those trees wearing placemats?

Pine trees wrapped in woven straw mats

Ever wonder why they wrap Japanese pine trees in those funny little mats in winter?Arboreal stomach warmer? The tree version of black tie for the holidays? Guess again. They’re actually…read more

Beyond Tokyo: Let’s go to the werewolf shrine!

Ema prayer plaque at the Mitsumine Shrine in Saitama

The Mitsumine Shrine sits high atop a snowy mountain near Chichibu, so far from any train station that you’ll be eligible for a senior citizen discount by the time you get off the bus. At first it looks like a typical Shinto shrine with fox messengers at the gate…read more

Nov-Dec 2022 Japan Swag Giveaway:
Genuine Sushi Food Model Fridge Magnet from Kappabashi Street

Ikura Sushi plastic food model fridge magnet

Yes, this month’s giveaway is one of those can’t-believe-it’s-not-real plastic food magnets they only sell on Kappabashi Street in Tokyo! All the lesser refrigerators on your street will…read more

Japanese Home Cooking: Miso-Butter Potatoes

Move over, french fries! You may think that potatoes don’t sound like an authentic Japanese dish, but at all the winter festivals, the stand selling hot miso-butter potatoes has a line a mile long, because they are awesome. Baked or mashed for a unique holiday…read more 

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