Design Festa: Your one-stop shop for predatory purses, zombie nesting dolls & more

Zombie nesting dolls at Design Festa

Twice a year, Design Festa takes over the Big Site convention center in Odiaba, and artists selling everything from zombie matroyshika to predatory purses gather to outdo each other.

Red purse with smiling vampire teeth by MaliciousX at Design Festa
Artist: MaliciousX

Get one in every color!

Blue purses with smiling vampire mouths or staring realistic eye by MaliciousX at Design Festa
Artist: MaliciousX

Or if that isn’t creepy enough for you, perhaps a crying baby head?

Plaster painted realistic crying baby heads at Design Festa

Or you can take blowing your nose to new heights with a Mt. Fuji-shaped fake fur Kleenex dispenser

Mt. Fuji-shaped tissue dispenser made of fake fur at Design Festa

Or up your mask game with this fox mask covered in rhinestones

Fax mask covered with rhinestones at Design Festa
Artist: @omen_kashimaya

Not sure what outfit might perfectly coordinate with this froggy coin purse…

Coin purses that look like frogs at Design Festa

…but a blue fox fur bracelet that can also be worn as a hat will surely go with EVERYTHING.

Blue fur fox head bracelet at Design Festa
Artist: Kaze-taka

Imagine the impression you’d make at your next zoom meeting in this hand-tooled leather cow skull mask

Tooled leather cow skull mask at Design Festa

Or concentrate instead on upping your Room Rater score with some giant felted goldfish…

Felted exotic goldfish at Design Festa

…or a realistic 3-d felt portrait of your beloved pet

Felted 3-d portraits of pet dog and cat at Design Festa
Artist: Futaya Kurumi

If those are a bit beyond your budget, there are always tomcat butt fridge magnets

Tomcat butt refrigerator magnets at Design Festa

And while the outlandish pieces steal the show, there are also some articles of great beauty tucked away among the vendors. These delicate glowing glass mushrooms mounted on rustic branches are truly lovely

Glowing glass mushrooms on log at Design Festa

And not all the art is for sale—these members of the Tokyo Zentai Club turn up at every Design Festa in their signature one-piece leotards to cheer up the masses and make friends

Tokyo Zentai Club members in colorful one-piece all-body leotards at Design Festa

And muralists are assigned blank walls between the booths to compete for top honors in creating a larger than life piece of art over the course of the event. This one is a collage made from thousands of snippets of printed paper…

Mural of a woman's face made of trash & receipts at Design Festa

…like coupons, receipts, and other throwaways

And some are paintings, like this killer dragon

Ink painting mural of a dragon at Design Festa

While others invite audience participation, like this one where onlookers can step up and contribute their own spirograph flower

Painting of a woman with people adding spirograph flowers at Design Festa

Design Festa is held every May and November. Information on the next one is here.

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Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Japan, produces the monthly Japanagram newsletter, and blogs at Only In Japan and The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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