MAY-JUN 2023

Cover of May-Jun 2023 Japanagram

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Seasonal Secret:
It’s Fluttering Fish Flag Season!

Koi nobori fish flags at Tokyo Tower

Few sights are more delightful than a school of fish flags fluttering against the spring sky. They only appear in the month before Children’s Day on May 5, so now is the time to seek out the biggest and best…read more

The Thing I Learned Today:
Seven reasons not to fall in love with that cheap Japanese farmhouse

Clipping of article in New York Times about cheap Japanese farmhouses

The New York Times recently trumpeted about the empty Japanese houses you can supposedly get for as little as $25,000, but their article fails to mention the significant strings attached. Here are seven things they conveniently left out…read more

Beyond Tokyo:
Let’s time travel to a samurai village, check out Westminster Abbey, then swoon over the most opulent golden shrine in Japan

Oiran stage show at Nikko Wonderland Edomura

If you’d like to experience life in the samurai era for a day, snap photos of the hundred-plus wonders of the world without any scaffolding on them, and be dazzled by a golden shrine of epic proportions, Nikko is…read more

Japanese Home Cooking recipe:
Japanese Chicken Sliders with a Trio of Tasty Toppings

Japanese chicken sliders with three toppings

It’s going to be hard to choose which one you like best, because each of them delivers a delightful new flavor twist to these healthy Japanese chicken sliders…read more

What the heckin’ heck is THIS?
Guess what this only-in-Japan product is used for

Japanese mystery tool

Every issue, I’m going to post a picture of an only-in-Japan product that will baffle you until you know what it is…and then you’ll want one…more here

Mar-Apr 2023 Book Review & Giveaway:
A set of see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil cat gachapon!

see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no evil cat capsule toys

Move over monkeys! In a nod to Nikko’s famous monkey carving, this month I’m giving away a set of these adorable see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no evil capsule toys…read more

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