40,000 dolls dressed in Imperial court robes? Yes, please!

Katsuura Doll Festival in Katsuura, Chiba Every year, the town of Katsuura puts on a Girls’ Day Doll Festival to end all doll festivals. Nearly 40,000 magnificently attired hina-sama suddenly appear all over town, in displays that are truly jaw-dropping. Just for comparison, here’s a typical Girls’ Day set, displayed on the traditional red steps.Continue reading “40,000 dolls dressed in Imperial court robes? Yes, please!”

The OTHER famous spring season

Embracing allergy season, one Japanese nose bra at a time Ahhh, spring is here, and in Japan, that means it’s time for The Annual Season! Cherry blossoms? No, ALLERGIES. And it’s not actually the cherry blossoms that are the big culprits, it’s those dang cedar trees that produce all the fragrant wood used in traditionalContinue reading “The OTHER famous spring season”

Let’s see thousands of fish flags fluttering over a river

This month’s destination: Tatebayashi, in Gunma Prefecture Here’s something you won’t see anywhere else in the world: over four thousand colorful fish flags swimming over a river, just an easy day trip from Tokyo! Open: March 25 – May 10 (2020) Hours: Never closed Admission: Free For additional up-to-date information, visit the Gunma Prefecture visitor’sContinue reading “Let’s see thousands of fish flags fluttering over a river”