Pop-Up Book Zoom

Finally, a get-together with friends that’s designed to be fun online!

The Last Tea Bowl Thief Book Zoom:
Irresistable discussion starters,
a diabolical trivia drinking game,
and good fortune for all

Zoom grid book group screen with Jonelle Patrick reading The Last Tea Bowl Thief

Want to spend time with friends, but shudder at one more talking head gridfest? The Last Tea Bowl Thief Book Zoom is for you! It’s actually designed to be fun online.

All the step-by-step, plug-and-play details for putting one together are on The Last Tea Bowl Thief website, but here’s how easy it is to host an online gathering that everyone will be talking about:


Invite your friends

Choose a date that gives everyone time to read the book, pick a discussion starter, and send out the invites.


Choose your free gifts

If you host a Last Tea Bowl Thief Book Zoom, you can choose one free gift from my Gift Gallery, and if you invite eight or more people who read the book, you can pick one additional gift to give away!

Special for Japanagram subscribers: Author Guest Appearance
In addition to your free hosting gift, I’d be happy to visit your book zoom (schedule permitting) to do a Q&A about The Last Tea Bowl Thief, tell background stories, or just talk with your guests about All Things Japan!


Let the fun begin!

At the appointed hour, when everyone has gathered with their libations, paper and pencils in hand, kick off the festivities by giving everyone a chance to answer the discussion starter question. Then move on to the trivia smackdown (with or without drinking game!) which features diabolically detailed questions that will be easier to answer for those who read the book, but can still be guessed from the clues for those who didn’t quite finish. And finally, what’s a get-together without a visit from Lady Luck?

The Last Tea Bowl Thief is an Editor’s Pick for Best Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense on Amazon!

Jonelle Patrick writes mystery novels set in Tokyo, and blogs at Only In Japan and The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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