In Japan you can be “Honorably Alone”

How Japan has perfected the experience of eating, drinking and traveling by yourself We’ve all had that awkward experience of having to dine alone in a restaurant—the meek acceptance of the mingey table nearest the swinging kitchen door and the studious attention to an open book so people don’t think we were stood up. InContinue reading “In Japan you can be “Honorably Alone””

The Most Refreshing Waterfall in the World

This month’s destination: Sharaito-no-taki, near Lake Kawaguchi Just looking at pictures of this astonishing waterfall is enough to beat the summer heat, and being surrounded by its 180° music is one of life’s truly sublime moments. This natural wonder is beautiful in every season—in the summertime, when the June monsoon sends cascades of rainwater coursingContinue reading The Most Refreshing Waterfall in the World